Ode to Orrinhatch

A tale has been heard
of about a thousand & one words
it describes of times that haven’t long past.

There was once a Half orc
Who took over a town called Morc
And so began his reign of Blood and Gore.

Slowly he expanded
his territory on the islands he landed
Along with Traxxex and his party of few.

Then came a time
when Asmodeus began to whine
about all his followers Orrinhatch had slew.

They sent out their hounds
which were chopped down by pounds
And allowed to wash upon Asmodeus’s Shore

So the Kings and Lords met
To overthrow them a plan was set
But he came with his army strong and fast.

Oh Orrinhatch Orrinhatch what have you come to snatch
Will it be our men or women or just the roof made of thatch

O Orrinhatch Oriinhatch in your story what’s the catch
please spare us as our ol wounds are yet to be patched.

Your reign of terror
Along with The Pyromaniac
Who is your carer
Has caused us a lot of ache

But there will come time
When you’ll claim ‘This world is mine’
All we’ll be able is to do is sing this rhyme
and hope for one day to see the end of your regime

Ode to Orrinhatch

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