Wrath of Asmodeus & Tyranny of Orrinhatch
“Iubent” is the world in which this story takes place more specifically it takes place in the four islands known as “Novos Seclurum”.

During the last eclipse the sky was lit with fire as a black shard of humongous proportions fell from an unknown plane. All eyes were on it as it hurled towards the world from the direction of the eclipse. Two months later, the ethereal form of Asmodeus scourged through the land of Novos Seclurum, establishing his kingdom with its capital at City of Wrath. Demons and other foul beings of the Nine Hells now ran amok on the land that was once peaceful. The Soul of Asmodeus made his slaves construct a fifty feet tall statue for himself in the middle of the City of Wrath. He is said to reside within it now. He has asked his warriors, scouts, etc. to look for the shard as continuously staying in the mortal plane is draining away the actual Asmodeus’s powers in the Nine Hells. Due to this weakness, Tiamat has escaped and entered into Novos Seclurum. It is said that the shard had opened up a rift in the Nine Hells, taking along with it a part of Asmodeus and teleported many beings from that plane to the mortal world.

Years later, there came another catastrophe known as the “Pyromania-cal Seafarers”. With Orrinhatch (a half-orc Barbarian, ship captain) as their leader, the band comprised of Traxxex (Drow Ranger, sent to retrieve an artifact from the islands) , Twerky B (Dwarf Fighter, out to spread his story), Drakon (Dragonborn Wizard, First mate to Orrinhatch) and Heroic Blue Scale Man(Halfling Rogue, traveler). They sacked every city they saw and betrayed even the great Asmodeus. They have killed Gods and Godesses . It is up to the party to thwart Orrinhatch’s plan of world domination and to stop Asmodeus from becoming more powerful.

Wrath of Asmodeus

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