Island of Tyrannis

Before the cataclysm this island was ruled by various lords who were in a never ending fight of conquest, it also had many reptilian creatures who have made small settlements here It held many magical creatures and people as the rulers wished for progress pushed their kingdom into producing more magical items and finding ways to manipulate the arcane so as to defeat the others. Magic is still very prominent here. The oracle of Novos Seclurum resides on this Island due to its potency in magic.

After the cataclysm Asmodeus took over the Island and created a kingdom for himself with its capital called as City of Wrath. Now only one rules the island the Tyrant who has no bounds ‘Asmodeus’

The following are some major cities and landmarks and their descriptions.

Shreiks of Garza
Once filled with magic, these forests have lost their glamour due to the corruption that spreads over this island. There are talks of ghouls that haunt the forests and legendary guardians that await a prophecy to be fulfilled. The Scaly spikes are said to be where the Oracle currently resides and also the hunting ground of the red leviathan of the skies.

SInking Swamps
The swamps are infested with crocodiles who lay wait for travelers. There are many ruined cities in these swamps that were once part of the different kingdoms that once were. Some of these ruins are said to be still guarded by guardians who protect ancient treasures and artifacts.

Cities, Villages and Towns

  • Yanki Town
    The major population of this town are Githyankis. Once these Githyankis ruled a very large portion of the Island of Tyrannis and were known as the Red Death as they conquered and ruled on the backs of red dragons who are allied to them. Their lands were taken away from them during the Cataclysm reducing them to the owners of just one town. They still have a few red dragons who support them and aid them but they have lost almost everything.
  • Wisps Lodge
    Run by a joyous gnome family this lodge well known for its ale and the safety it provides its patrons. It used to be the meeting place for the Kings of the island when they wanted to form alliances or forge treaties. The residents were not allowed to attack anyone under this roof and whoever didn’t honor the rules was found brutally murdered within the next few minutes. No one knows how the gnome family is able to do the assassinations or whether actually the ones imposing the law. There are rumors that they once belonged to a secret guild of assassinations who were well versed in the art of killing without leaving a trace.
  • City of Wrath
    The Capital city of Asmodeus Kingdom in the mortal Plane. The City is ruled by a small council that can be vetoed over by only Asmodeus himself. The small council members are Klonre (Mindflayer) The Keeper of Tomes, Jarios (Minotaur) Warlord of the Gates, Semasha (Half-Orc) Shaman of the Wild and Amashi (Gargoyle) Breaker of Souls. The city is humungous in size and is guarded by various evil creatures. It’s denizen are completely devoted to Asmodeus.
  • Coven of Green
    This tiny village is the coven of the the most powerful witches and hags in the entire continent. Tales tell that the Oracle had learned her art from these witches before she was blessed with sight of the future.
  • Winged Screams
    Once a beautiful fort with statues encrusted with precious pearls and stones & reknown for its bards. It was once called the Dazzled city of songs, it was destroyed during the Catclysm leaving only ruins behind. Many people who pass by this ruined city can still hear the soothing songs emerging from within the ruins.
  • Forked Fort
    The city of the Lizard folk, it is ruled by the Lizard Queen Simaun. This city was untouched during the cataclysm as Tiamat blessed these raiders due to the sacrifices they provide to her.

Island of Tyrannis

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