Wrath of Asmodeus

A Banquet to Remember
It had great music!

Chapter 7: But Why Me?

As the banquet was delayed a few days due to unforeseen circumstances, the party dawdled until the time came. Jack Skycaller, upon entering Port Hiss, soon befriended Esdeath and Mephisto, and caught on to the grand scheme, joining in. However that night, while he slept in an inn room, he awoke suddenly. Sleepy, he looked around and to his befuddlement, there floated a despondent-looking apparition looking out the window, lit by the moonlight. The small, bald human, dressed in simple robes, only beckoned him. As Jack got up, the ghost disappeared. He then looked in the direction the ghost was, and saw the vast forest near Port Hiss. Then, he continued his sleep, one hand on his sword.
The next day, Jack consulted Mephisto and Esdeath, and the trio decided to explore the forest. After getting quite lost, they happened upon a large rock formation at which point Esdeath sensed the presence of the apparition once more. The ghost looked forlornly at the group, and pointed from Jack, to a small opening in the formation, before fading away. The trio decided to climb down the seemingly deep cavity, and followed through its network of tunnels, guided by Jack who could only describe his intuition as a gut feeling.
Eventually the party entered a somewhat large clearing in the caves littered with rocks and stalagmites, which was immediately lit up by magical torches that surrounded its perimeter. In the center of it all, stood a pedestal and armor stand, upon which was a gleaming silver armor, through which the ghost appeared, beckoned to Jack, and disappeared. As the group gingerly approached it, one of the boulders stood. Small, black beady eyes stared at the group as it contemplated what to do. The animated boulder simple stood and watched as the group deduced it was a Galeb Duhr, likely created to protect the armor. Jack approached closer and the Galeb Duhr finally attacked. An intense battle ensued, where the trio hacked and slashed and whittled away at the earth elemental, as it animated more boulders and slammed into them, over and over. Finally, it crumbled and the group breathed a sigh of relief.
The group decided that Jack would be the one to take the then identified Silver Dragon Scale Mail, and having rested, returned to Port Hiss, still quite baffled as to what the true aim of the spirit was, and why it chose Jack.

Chapter 8: Flawless Execution

The fated day of the banquet arrived and the party, now joined by Jack Skycaller and a sudden ally Quissent, headed to the castle, lead by Captain Orrinhatch. The castle was lit by the preparations being made, as servants and guards went in every direction. Finally the hour came, and all were seated under the night sky as the event commenced.
The lord entered with great procession, though he occasionally glanced back at his general (now Orrinhatch’s dragon) cautiously. He took his seat at the main table, with Orrinhatch to his left. The party began to much merriment. Jack and Mephisto stole the attention of the crowd with their melodious entertainment. Esdeath approached the lord, who had the minister next to him get up for. Together, with Esdeath pouring wine for, and Orrinhatch filling lies into, the lord came to believe the General was truly planning a coup, and that all the guards were in on it. With careful words, Mephisto convinced the drunken ruler further that the food was poisoned by his ministers. Now in a grand panic, the lord ordered Orrinhatch to deal with them. Orrinhatch nodded, and a silver orb flew from him into the sky, polymorphing into a giant Silver Dragon. All present, in awe and surprise at the sight of it, could not respond until half the guards were already killed by the creature’s breathe. The rest tried to escape to no avail, as they were easily killed in moments as well. The ministers were executed, tied to poles and frozen, preserved on top of the Keep’s towers, as a symbol of fear to traitors. Throughout this, Jack continued playing, changing his rhythm and tempo with flair, to match the horrific events.
The now hysterically drunk king, applauded the party for their actions. He was lead to the top of a tower, then killed and thrown off of. That night, while the party proceeded, Orrinhatch’s army of Orcs invaded the town, causing all to remain indoors.
The next day, the town’s people were herded in front of the main tower, where they saw their lord (a polymorphed dragon) declare his incompetence and mistake of having his army and ministers killed, and then jump, committing suicide. The crowd, shocked and on the precipice of panic, then listened onto a disguised Mephisto, who spoke of Orrinhatch, his great armies, his promises of a better time and was then able to bring the crowd in Orrinhatch’s favor, cemented by a show of their prosperity to come in the form of hundreds of gold coins being showered onto the crowd. Then, the new lord (a vampire sent by the Pyromaniac), Alexander Dumas, was introduced, to much fanfare.
And thus Port Hiss came under Orrinhatch’s control.
To be continued….

When Demons catch Devils
Meow for me

Chapter 4: I Shall Call You Bazbooza
Last we saw our party, they were facing a Balgura who had disguised himself as God-Slayer’s cat. Ranchester got caught in the entangle spell while the rest of the party shouted back and forth on whether to leave him or not. After some discussion, they decided he would be handy as a meat shield, if not a fellow traveler. So the party with their magic and slashes attacked the creature until Ranchester was released. After a few slashes and bashes, the Balgura was defeated and it discorporated. The party happily cheered while Gwenro entered the room to inquire about what the ruckus was about and was told of the demon attack. He made sure all were safe and then took his leave. In the morning, the party packed their bags, ready to leave for Burning Harbor. Saying their final goodbyes to Gwenro and his mansion, the party set sail into the river aboard Shedward’s ship, ‘The Piercing Shard’.

Chapter 5: Captain o’Captain
The party had reached the port of Burning harbor and were all in a cheerful mood until their eyes fell upon a familiar green-skinned humanoid walking around on the docks. As they landed, the Half-Orc smiled and tipped his hat greeting them. All stood there shocked to see Orrinhatch walking with no protection around him. Ranchester looked at him angrily but was calmed down by Mephisto who saw this as an opportunity to learn a few tricks. The party hid their fear and anger and accepted Orrinhatch’s offer to join him. They headed towards the Keep of the lord. They made rounds of the entire boundary, trying to see its weaknesses, number of guards patrolling, and their patterns. They then approached the guards at the gate, and demanded to see the lord bluffing that they they were “international business men” who had come to negotiate with the lord. The guards assumed they were telling the truth and allowed them entry. As they passed through, the party kept a close eye on the positioning and patrolling of the guards. They entered the main building and passed the halls checking for valuables. Soon, they finally entered the lord’s meeting room. The lord greeted them and inquired about their business. Orrinhatch came forward and lied that they had a huge business of magical items that could be useful to the kingdom, making the lord a favorite in the eyes of the people. The lord, pleased with them, allowed them to rest in his keep and proposed a banquet in their honor and to seal the bond between them. The party was decided to be held in the garden in a weeks time. Orrinhatch contacted Traxxex through the iShard and told her to prepare a sizable raiding party and send them to the port in the stealth of the night during the banquet. The party looked and asked around, learning the lords weakness, as well as dirt on the kingdom. They learned the lord had a thing for elves and sent Esdeath to have seduce him and feed lies that the military commander of the lord was too ambitious and was bragging about overthrowing the lord during the banquet.

Chapter 6: Drag..I mean Wyrmling Killers
As the party was preparing for the coup during the banquet, Shedward and Mephisto decided to visit the temple one day to thank the Gods and Godesses. While they were there, they heard a group of clerics discussing Asmodeus and the corruption that spread through the forests. The most learnt among them seemed to be a dwarf. Remembering that Niflock’s tribe was in the region of the corruption affected areas, they approached the dwarf who introduced himself as Uther Ironfist, they discussed the corruption and asked for his insight on it. He lied to them stating he could remove the corruption. They headed to the stable nearby and rented a pony and a horse. While they saddled up outside, Shedward entered the stable and within a minute returned running with a cart in tow, which he hitched to the horse, asking them to hurry up. Within seconds, screams came from the stable as the stable owner came running. But, they were already at full gallop. Halfway to Niflock’s settlement, they ran into a pair of wyrmlings which they easily (cough) vanquished. On entering the town, they saw the signs of sickness and corruption, trees withering etc. They took a round of the village and learned nothing. Just seconds before sunset however, they saw the entire tribe headed towards the shaman’s tent, Mephisto started casting detect magic while Shedward and Uther went with the crowd The shaman, wearing a dire wolf pelt, exited the tent and started giving a sermon which neither Shedward nor Uther could decipher due to it being in Elvish. When the sermon ended Mephisto’s ritual also ended and he noticed a magical aura around the shaman. They approached him, and he introduced himself as Niflocks husband Shaman Wolfhowle. They asked to have a chat with him. Mephisto and Wolfhowle entered the forest region around the town while Shedward and Uther followed stealthily. They interrogated him and confronted him about the polymorph spell they detected on him. He revealed himself as a werewolf and the group accused him of being a useless ruler for not being able to rile up the tribe to leave the region. Wolfhowle tried defending himself but once he couldn’t take it he attacked them, they attacked back but soon realised their weapons to be useless. Shedward cleverly attached silver coins to the tip of his staff and attacked, showing that only silver could hurt Wolfhowle. With this knowledge they attacked with their improvised weapons and eventually knocked him unconscious while only sustaining a few bites.

While the trio fought Wolfhowle, Ranchester Talon who had followed them here and who was now circumnavigating the town, noticed a few animal tracks. He followed them only to come face to face with two dire wolves, one snow white, while the other, jet black. The beasts attacked him for being in their territory. Ranchester countered their attacks with a calculated blow to each. He managed to blind them both in one eye and stood in their blind spots. After dominating them in attacks for a few minutes, he tried calming them. The white seemed to calm down, realizing that he was no food and wouldn’t harm them if unprovoked while the black seemed angry due to the hurt he caused. Ranchester tried intimidating it but to no avail, so he tried showing a sign that the creature was the alpha. The black calmed due to this gesture of submission. The white now extremely calm, licked the Warforged’s hand to show it’s friendliness. Ranchester took out his rations and fed them some meat causing the white to befriend him. As Ranchester left the area, the white trailed him believing him to be the alpha of their pack while the black still suspicious followed his mate, the white wolf.

We need a new Title
Chapter 3: But it's Cute

Last we left our adventurers they had been just contacted by an Avatar of an avatar of Asmodeus. Still shaken by what had just happened the band stared at each other trying to figure out what to do next. Gwenro came forward with the proposition of them staying the night at his mansion. The party nodded and asked him to show them the rooms. Instead of many rooms they were lead to one large dormitory with beds for all of them. Mephisto and Esdeath tried looking around the mansion for treasure or things to loot and to explore the unseen rooms. They approached a small garden within the mansion which was guarded, the guards stopped them before they could get near the fountain shrine in the garden from afar they noticed that the shrine was dedicated to Avandra and Lolth. Danton also started exploring the mansion and noticed that outside God Slayer and his cat were being stopped by the guards at the gates he hurried to the gates to inform the guards that he was part of their party. Everyone had fallen asleep by now as they entered the room. After a while Shedward and Ranchester woke up, Shedward noticed a strange aura that seemed to emit from the cat on closer inspection he deciphered that the cat was actually a Balgura that had taken the form of a cat. He readied to attack the cat but was stopped by Ranchester who said ’’It’s too cute to be a demon’’. Esdeath awoke from her sleep and joined in the debate taking Ranchester’s side that the cat couldn’t be a demon. Shedward swung his scythe but Ranchester moved the cat from harm. The rest of the party were woken up by the heated argument. Everyone except Shedward took the side that the cat was just a cat. Shedward levitated the cat and caught it beginning to crush it but before he could crush it the cat polymorphed itself to it’s actual form which was a Balgura. It stated that he could have passed off for a cat if it hadn’t been for Shedward’s keen senses. The Balgura attacked using tendrils causing Ranchester to be caught in its’s grasp while the rest moved out of harms way……..to be continued

Let's Kill Orrinhatch, The adventure continues
Chapter 2: O Brother what burns you

Act I : What did we just dodge?
Last we left our adventurers they had just come face to face with Orrinhatch and Traxxex the Champions of the Gods, they had also met God Slayer a Farmer who had started a ranging quest to kill Asmodeus due to the atrocities he had done to his farm animals (he had turned them into devils).
God Slayer says goodbye to the party as he heads back into the city to gather supplies so as to join their band in their adventure and eventually kill Asmodeus. The party head to the nearest tavern to loosen up a bit after the shenanigans at the port, on entering the tavern they see a familiar face standing at the bar. Zeolite greets them and tells about his quest to recruit an army for overthrowing his uncle who had murdered his family and caused him to flee from his land. He introduces Danton a kindhearted Rogue who found his cause worthy to fight for. The bartenders approach the party to know their order and give free drinks and food to zeolite and address him as ‘’The king who wasn’t’’. Shedward goes out of the tavern due to his inability to consume while the party sit on a table and discuss their strategies and plans Mephisto notices two elves who seem to be paying very close attention to their conversation as Mephisto gets up to check what they want one of the elves gets up and leaves. Mephisto approaches the other and notices him shivering, Zeolite taking notice of this also joins him. Mephisto questions the elf who hasn’t stopped trembling and tries to calm him as Zeolite and Mephisto draw closer to him he mutters ’’Suckers’’ and bursts into a swarm of Ravens and escapes through the window injuring the duo while he took flight. Mephisto jumps through the window to follow but is stopped by the guards and a shocked Shedward stares at the scene. The guards convinced that Mephisto was the one the spy was spying upon and that he had attacked the spy charge at him. The rest of the party hearing the commotion join Mephisto in attacking the guards. While the party is engaged in combat Mephisto jumps back in through window to disguise himself only to be noticed by the Bartenders who he bribed to keep silent and the tavern so drunk that they don’t mind the commotion outside. Mephisto rejoins the party, Zeolite burns down one of the guards and the rest are knocked unconscious by the adventurers.
Act II : Mi mansión es su mansión
As the party stands upon the now unconscious and burned bodies of the guards and discuss on where to flee to they hear a strong voice say ‘’Leave?!! But you only just got here’‘. From the corner of the tavern they witness an entourage of guards and a Elf on a horse approach them with the spies who had fled before. The Elf dismounts and introduces himself as the lord of the city. As Esdeath looks closely at the Lord she notices him wearing a variant sigil of her house on his armor. As the Lord removes his hood he says ’’And you Sister haven’t seen you in a long time. Are you still out to prove you are better than me’’.
Esdeath drops down crying as she recognizes her brother who seems to have had half his face burnt. She hugs him and inquires as to how he managed to escape Orrinhatch who had informed them that he had burned down their entire clan. Gwenro (Esdeath’s brother) tells that Orrinhatch had only burnt the city but not its residents as he had enlisted them in his army, he states that the burnt marks were Orrinhatch’s methods of convincing him to join his army, but Esdeath feels he is hiding something and the burns seem older. After years of fighting for Orrinhatch and gaining victories Gwenro was promoted to the post of Lord of Port Hiss to act as Orrinhatch’s ally and and install his law and order. He invites the party to his mansion and waves off the punishments for attacking his guards. He tells them that the spies had informed him that they saw someone who looked like his sister in a tavern thus he had come to meet them. Ranchester realizes he had met Gwenro before and he was burnt even then, this was when Ranchester was still in Orrinhatch’s army they were marching in the forests and had spotted a frail burnt elf lying in the middle of the path, he remembers that Gwenro had told them the tale as to how he had gotten burnt and that Orrinhatch had nursed him and made him a general stating that he was perfect for scaring people and his nobility would make him a great leader.
Act III : Ah Tyranny!!
Gwenro gives a tour to the party around his mansion. As they enter the library Esdeath takes a look around and finds a few books that seemed out of place, while Gwenro was distracted with explaining as to how he got the collection of books Esdeath takes a closer look at the books and finds them to be Magical tomes written in Orcish. She uickly bags them and follows the party into the next room. As they enter the throne room another familiar face greets them, it’s Niflock the Shaman who had come to ask Gwenro’s aid. Gwenro refuses saying he had told her over and over again that he wasn’t granting any help and she should just disappear from his sight. Ranchester tries intervening as he finds Gwenro’s tone rude, he tries asking Niflock about the reason why she wanted help but she ignores him She begs Gwenro to help her stop or reduce the corruption but he again refuses, Ranchester inquires the source of corruption but is again ignored. Mephisto inquires the source and is informed that it is the shard and Gwenro states that it is impossible to remove or slow the corruption as the shard can’t be located and whoever goes to search for it returns back slightly corrupted and no memory of where he got infected. Ranchester again inquires if he can help and is again replied by silence, enraged he shouts ‘’Are you Deaf Woman’’ to which Niflock replied ‘’ I am not talking to you Construct’’ and returns to begging for Gwenro’s aid. Now even more enraged Ranchester moves to attack Niflock, Esdeath and Mephisto try stopping him but he pushes them away and attacks Niflock the entire party now gang up on Ranchester while Shedward, Danton and Gwenro watch them lash out at each other. Gwenro seemed to have a slight smile every time Esdeath got injured.Ranchester knock Niflock unconscious and is attacked by the rest of the party, feeling cornered he prays to Asmodeus to help him, Asmodeus answers by taking over his body. In one blow Asmodeus causes all those who surround him to fall unconscious and summons their souls into Ranchesters mind, there they view Asmodeus in his glory and Ranchester lounging on a chair being served tea by an imp, only Mephisto and Esdeath see that it is all an illusion. Asmodeus informs the party if they attack his warrior again he may do more than just knock them unconcious. He leaves returning them back into their bodies and granting them back half their health.

Let's Kill Orrinhatch
Chapter 1: Crawling through the land

We fast forward to five years after the age of Orrinhatch to a new group of adventurers.
The party comprising of Mephisto Israfen (a travelling half-elf bard), Esdeath Liadon (a hopeful Wood Elf Noble paladin), Zeolite (a revenge longing Dwarf Wizard) & Ranchester Talon (a lost Warforged Barbarian) join forces together at Burning Harbor due to a band of Troglodytes who had attacked a merchant boat as it made its way from Port Hiss to the harbor. They took the help of a Captain who seemed interested in their quest later befriending him and his crew. The captain was Shedward Zard (A wandering Psionic Shardmind) who had just left the side of Orrinhatch to find his true destiny. On their way to place where the merchant was attacked the party learn briefly of Shedward’s past, while on the ship Zeolite searches the decks below and acquires a chalice and a magical ring which he hides in his pack. The party reach the point of interest and find a cavern nearby. The party bravely enters and find it trapped (Ranchester almost dies twice due to the traps) and holding a small band of Orcs and troglodytes which they easily slice through leaving the troglodyte leader for interrogation they learn that they are a part of Orrinhatch’s army sent to create chaos so as to make the various tribes and cities to ask Orrinhatch for help, making him seem like a hero to the masses. They leave the cavern freeing it of its loot and residents. They return back to Burning Harbor returning the merchant his goods (Ranchester pockets a few coins and gives Mephisto some to keep him quite). They retire to an inn well known by Mephisto, there Ranchester finds two new initiates of Asmodeus’s army he gains their trust and asks them to join them in their quest. While in the harbor they visit the local smith and store and acquire necessary items and equipment (Esdeath acquires Silver Fang from Binwin the smith). Mephisto visits the library to translate the scrolls they acquired in the cavern he meets Niflock an elf shaman from a near by tribe she tells him about the shard corrupting the earth and the oracle who has foreseen the destruction it will cause if not stopped. The party on returning to the inn learn about a few shady characters who were in search of Shedward, they learn that the characters consisted of a vampire and two orcs who had headed towards Port Hiss. They set sail to port hiss to learn more about the mysterious company and to thwart their plans.
On route to port hiss the weather turns stormy as the party sees a battle between two titans, a ancient white dragon and an elder blue dragon. The party anchors their ship and view the war of the titans from a safety, the white finally collapses smiling and accepting it’s death, the blue salutes the white and disappears into the storm. Mephisto touches the fallen white and sees a glimpse of his past this contact transfers memories of the ancient into him Ranchester and Mephisto share a flash of a frozen artifact that was guarded by the ancient while only Ranchester hears its whispers. With the storm now calm they head towards Port Hiss.
In port hiss the recruits tired of Ranchester forgetting about them decide to leave his company, Ranchester pursuits them and attacks one of them causing the guards to capture him after a long heated debate the guards start dragging Ranchester to jail only to be stopped by Mephisto who tries to convince them of Ranchester’s innocence the guards and recruits agree to a trial by combat. As the trial begins one of the half-orcs in the crowd starts a betting group while Esdeath and Mephisto bet on Ranchester a mysterious character approaches them who introduces himself as God Slayer (a troubled human ranger). The trial begins and the crowd cheers Ranchester defeats the recruit sealing his innocence as the crowd thins God Slayer congratulates Ranchester and properly introduces himself to the party, overhearing that God Slayer traveled among planes to get help from Gods and Godesses the Half-Orc Captain Approaches them and tells he too has done the same at hat moment Shedward approaches and freezes on seeing the Captain. The captain then introduces himself as Orrinhatch and also introduces Traxex who lands near them after swinging on a rope. The Duo show a glimpse of their power and leave.The party question each other about their motives and learn that a curse has been placed on Shedward by the Pyromaniac.
…to be continued


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