Shedward Zard

Shardmind, Psion


He is pink in color with light pink eyes. He stands at 6’1’’ and usually wears the attire of a sea captain.


When the black shard fell from the sky Zard was born. He gained sentience and knowledge of places and objects he never even knew of. He roamed through the land trying to find the reason for him being alive. He had joined Orrinhatch when he wrecked havoc through the lands of Novos Ordo Seclurum. Due to his immense knowledge of the world he helped Orrinhatch, Traxxex, Twerky B, Drakon and Heroic Blue Scale man to achieve their goals. Devasted by the destruction he let happen Zard ran from the company taking the few who would listen to him. He roamed the lands redeeming himself till he met the new group of Adventurers. He is hoping they will help him reduce the damage he helped cause and finally figure out why he is alive.

Shedward Zard

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