Gwenro Liodon

Esdeath's older brother, Lord of Port Hiss


His hair is silver and his eyes cold grey. His face is half covered with burns that he acquired a long time ago. His personality is cold and calculating and he only wishes to protect himself and his allies. He seems to have given up on his family.


The oldest child in the Liodon family. He was sent away from the clan due to reasons unknown to anyone other than him and his father. Esdeath seems to have forgotten him there is blank in her memory from around the time when he left. Esdeath remebers she used to compete against him in everything but used to loose due to her pride. He had joined Orrinhatch’s army when Ranchester was still a part of it. He was made general of one of the divisions and slowly grew to be one of Orrinhatch’s closest friends. When Orrinhatch took over Port Hiss he granted Gwenro Lordship of the city so as to act on his behalf.

Gwenro Liodon

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