Danton High Hill

Halfling, Rogue


Danton is a 3-foot halfling with light colored body, aged in his 20s. He has sharp black eyes with normal but a little extended vision. He has medium sized, light feet. His hair are something that interest him, hence he keeps changing his hairstyle every now and so. His body, average built with some extra strength in his arms and legs. His time during his slavery has made his body somewhat sturdy and his mind, quick.


Little is known about Danton’s past rather than him being a slave. He tries to remember but only has a faint image. Though being enslaved to a cruel master, he is quite mischievous & warm-hearted. He usually keeps his inner feelings hidden within him. This made him quite known among the other slaves. But his wanderlust & will to be free overcame him to escape his captivity. Though unwilling at first, he finally escapes out in the wild. Before leaving, he looks back and makes a promise to help the ones in need & despair. He remembers his fellow slaves, and carries a hope of helping them too. As for now, he moves forward, knowing that returning back isn’t an option, hoping to live of what his life is left. That unforgettable moment happened when he was 18, and it has been a long time since then.

During his travels he does many odd jobs, from helping poor people to escorting the goods of the rich-men.This has given him a broader image of people trustworthy. His story doesn’t remain limited to any one mentor, as he always tries to learn and understand something from what he sees. Fighting isn’t particularly his aim, and he usually tries to find other ways to solve a problem. From his twists and turns, he has realized that everyone, in one way or the other can be useful and kind to others. Along the travels, he also has tried on new tricks and practiced older ones. Any new skill or information that could help him be a better one of himself, interests him. Though his goal of moving on, remains same.

Danton High Hill

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