Wrath of Asmodeus

When Demons catch Devils

Meow for me

Chapter 4: I Shall Call You Bazbooza
Last we saw our party, they were facing a Balgura who had disguised himself as God-Slayer’s cat. Ranchester got caught in the entangle spell while the rest of the party shouted back and forth on whether to leave him or not. After some discussion, they decided he would be handy as a meat shield, if not a fellow traveler. So the party with their magic and slashes attacked the creature until Ranchester was released. After a few slashes and bashes, the Balgura was defeated and it discorporated. The party happily cheered while Gwenro entered the room to inquire about what the ruckus was about and was told of the demon attack. He made sure all were safe and then took his leave. In the morning, the party packed their bags, ready to leave for Burning Harbor. Saying their final goodbyes to Gwenro and his mansion, the party set sail into the river aboard Shedward’s ship, ‘The Piercing Shard’.

Chapter 5: Captain o’Captain
The party had reached the port of Burning harbor and were all in a cheerful mood until their eyes fell upon a familiar green-skinned humanoid walking around on the docks. As they landed, the Half-Orc smiled and tipped his hat greeting them. All stood there shocked to see Orrinhatch walking with no protection around him. Ranchester looked at him angrily but was calmed down by Mephisto who saw this as an opportunity to learn a few tricks. The party hid their fear and anger and accepted Orrinhatch’s offer to join him. They headed towards the Keep of the lord. They made rounds of the entire boundary, trying to see its weaknesses, number of guards patrolling, and their patterns. They then approached the guards at the gate, and demanded to see the lord bluffing that they they were “international business men” who had come to negotiate with the lord. The guards assumed they were telling the truth and allowed them entry. As they passed through, the party kept a close eye on the positioning and patrolling of the guards. They entered the main building and passed the halls checking for valuables. Soon, they finally entered the lord’s meeting room. The lord greeted them and inquired about their business. Orrinhatch came forward and lied that they had a huge business of magical items that could be useful to the kingdom, making the lord a favorite in the eyes of the people. The lord, pleased with them, allowed them to rest in his keep and proposed a banquet in their honor and to seal the bond between them. The party was decided to be held in the garden in a weeks time. Orrinhatch contacted Traxxex through the iShard and told her to prepare a sizable raiding party and send them to the port in the stealth of the night during the banquet. The party looked and asked around, learning the lords weakness, as well as dirt on the kingdom. They learned the lord had a thing for elves and sent Esdeath to have seduce him and feed lies that the military commander of the lord was too ambitious and was bragging about overthrowing the lord during the banquet.

Chapter 6: Drag..I mean Wyrmling Killers
As the party was preparing for the coup during the banquet, Shedward and Mephisto decided to visit the temple one day to thank the Gods and Godesses. While they were there, they heard a group of clerics discussing Asmodeus and the corruption that spread through the forests. The most learnt among them seemed to be a dwarf. Remembering that Niflock’s tribe was in the region of the corruption affected areas, they approached the dwarf who introduced himself as Uther Ironfist, they discussed the corruption and asked for his insight on it. He lied to them stating he could remove the corruption. They headed to the stable nearby and rented a pony and a horse. While they saddled up outside, Shedward entered the stable and within a minute returned running with a cart in tow, which he hitched to the horse, asking them to hurry up. Within seconds, screams came from the stable as the stable owner came running. But, they were already at full gallop. Halfway to Niflock’s settlement, they ran into a pair of wyrmlings which they easily (cough) vanquished. On entering the town, they saw the signs of sickness and corruption, trees withering etc. They took a round of the village and learned nothing. Just seconds before sunset however, they saw the entire tribe headed towards the shaman’s tent, Mephisto started casting detect magic while Shedward and Uther went with the crowd The shaman, wearing a dire wolf pelt, exited the tent and started giving a sermon which neither Shedward nor Uther could decipher due to it being in Elvish. When the sermon ended Mephisto’s ritual also ended and he noticed a magical aura around the shaman. They approached him, and he introduced himself as Niflocks husband Shaman Wolfhowle. They asked to have a chat with him. Mephisto and Wolfhowle entered the forest region around the town while Shedward and Uther followed stealthily. They interrogated him and confronted him about the polymorph spell they detected on him. He revealed himself as a werewolf and the group accused him of being a useless ruler for not being able to rile up the tribe to leave the region. Wolfhowle tried defending himself but once he couldn’t take it he attacked them, they attacked back but soon realised their weapons to be useless. Shedward cleverly attached silver coins to the tip of his staff and attacked, showing that only silver could hurt Wolfhowle. With this knowledge they attacked with their improvised weapons and eventually knocked him unconscious while only sustaining a few bites.

While the trio fought Wolfhowle, Ranchester Talon who had followed them here and who was now circumnavigating the town, noticed a few animal tracks. He followed them only to come face to face with two dire wolves, one snow white, while the other, jet black. The beasts attacked him for being in their territory. Ranchester countered their attacks with a calculated blow to each. He managed to blind them both in one eye and stood in their blind spots. After dominating them in attacks for a few minutes, he tried calming them. The white seemed to calm down, realizing that he was no food and wouldn’t harm them if unprovoked while the black seemed angry due to the hurt he caused. Ranchester tried intimidating it but to no avail, so he tried showing a sign that the creature was the alpha. The black calmed due to this gesture of submission. The white now extremely calm, licked the Warforged’s hand to show it’s friendliness. Ranchester took out his rations and fed them some meat causing the white to befriend him. As Ranchester left the area, the white trailed him believing him to be the alpha of their pack while the black still suspicious followed his mate, the white wolf.


Saquib Mayhem

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