Wrath of Asmodeus

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Chapter 3: But it's Cute

Last we left our adventurers they had been just contacted by an Avatar of an avatar of Asmodeus. Still shaken by what had just happened the band stared at each other trying to figure out what to do next. Gwenro came forward with the proposition of them staying the night at his mansion. The party nodded and asked him to show them the rooms. Instead of many rooms they were lead to one large dormitory with beds for all of them. Mephisto and Esdeath tried looking around the mansion for treasure or things to loot and to explore the unseen rooms. They approached a small garden within the mansion which was guarded, the guards stopped them before they could get near the fountain shrine in the garden from afar they noticed that the shrine was dedicated to Avandra and Lolth. Danton also started exploring the mansion and noticed that outside God Slayer and his cat were being stopped by the guards at the gates he hurried to the gates to inform the guards that he was part of their party. Everyone had fallen asleep by now as they entered the room. After a while Shedward and Ranchester woke up, Shedward noticed a strange aura that seemed to emit from the cat on closer inspection he deciphered that the cat was actually a Balgura that had taken the form of a cat. He readied to attack the cat but was stopped by Ranchester who said ’’It’s too cute to be a demon’’. Esdeath awoke from her sleep and joined in the debate taking Ranchester’s side that the cat couldn’t be a demon. Shedward swung his scythe but Ranchester moved the cat from harm. The rest of the party were woken up by the heated argument. Everyone except Shedward took the side that the cat was just a cat. Shedward levitated the cat and caught it beginning to crush it but before he could crush it the cat polymorphed itself to it’s actual form which was a Balgura. It stated that he could have passed off for a cat if it hadn’t been for Shedward’s keen senses. The Balgura attacked using tendrils causing Ranchester to be caught in its’s grasp while the rest moved out of harms way……..to be continued


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