Wrath of Asmodeus

Let's Kill Orrinhatch, The adventure continues

Chapter 2: O Brother what burns you

Act I : What did we just dodge?
Last we left our adventurers they had just come face to face with Orrinhatch and Traxxex the Champions of the Gods, they had also met God Slayer a Farmer who had started a ranging quest to kill Asmodeus due to the atrocities he had done to his farm animals (he had turned them into devils).
God Slayer says goodbye to the party as he heads back into the city to gather supplies so as to join their band in their adventure and eventually kill Asmodeus. The party head to the nearest tavern to loosen up a bit after the shenanigans at the port, on entering the tavern they see a familiar face standing at the bar. Zeolite greets them and tells about his quest to recruit an army for overthrowing his uncle who had murdered his family and caused him to flee from his land. He introduces Danton a kindhearted Rogue who found his cause worthy to fight for. The bartenders approach the party to know their order and give free drinks and food to zeolite and address him as ‘’The king who wasn’t’’. Shedward goes out of the tavern due to his inability to consume while the party sit on a table and discuss their strategies and plans Mephisto notices two elves who seem to be paying very close attention to their conversation as Mephisto gets up to check what they want one of the elves gets up and leaves. Mephisto approaches the other and notices him shivering, Zeolite taking notice of this also joins him. Mephisto questions the elf who hasn’t stopped trembling and tries to calm him as Zeolite and Mephisto draw closer to him he mutters ’’Suckers’’ and bursts into a swarm of Ravens and escapes through the window injuring the duo while he took flight. Mephisto jumps through the window to follow but is stopped by the guards and a shocked Shedward stares at the scene. The guards convinced that Mephisto was the one the spy was spying upon and that he had attacked the spy charge at him. The rest of the party hearing the commotion join Mephisto in attacking the guards. While the party is engaged in combat Mephisto jumps back in through window to disguise himself only to be noticed by the Bartenders who he bribed to keep silent and the tavern so drunk that they don’t mind the commotion outside. Mephisto rejoins the party, Zeolite burns down one of the guards and the rest are knocked unconscious by the adventurers.
Act II : Mi mansión es su mansión
As the party stands upon the now unconscious and burned bodies of the guards and discuss on where to flee to they hear a strong voice say ‘’Leave?!! But you only just got here’‘. From the corner of the tavern they witness an entourage of guards and a Elf on a horse approach them with the spies who had fled before. The Elf dismounts and introduces himself as the lord of the city. As Esdeath looks closely at the Lord she notices him wearing a variant sigil of her house on his armor. As the Lord removes his hood he says ’’And you Sister haven’t seen you in a long time. Are you still out to prove you are better than me’’.
Esdeath drops down crying as she recognizes her brother who seems to have had half his face burnt. She hugs him and inquires as to how he managed to escape Orrinhatch who had informed them that he had burned down their entire clan. Gwenro (Esdeath’s brother) tells that Orrinhatch had only burnt the city but not its residents as he had enlisted them in his army, he states that the burnt marks were Orrinhatch’s methods of convincing him to join his army, but Esdeath feels he is hiding something and the burns seem older. After years of fighting for Orrinhatch and gaining victories Gwenro was promoted to the post of Lord of Port Hiss to act as Orrinhatch’s ally and and install his law and order. He invites the party to his mansion and waves off the punishments for attacking his guards. He tells them that the spies had informed him that they saw someone who looked like his sister in a tavern thus he had come to meet them. Ranchester realizes he had met Gwenro before and he was burnt even then, this was when Ranchester was still in Orrinhatch’s army they were marching in the forests and had spotted a frail burnt elf lying in the middle of the path, he remembers that Gwenro had told them the tale as to how he had gotten burnt and that Orrinhatch had nursed him and made him a general stating that he was perfect for scaring people and his nobility would make him a great leader.
Act III : Ah Tyranny!!
Gwenro gives a tour to the party around his mansion. As they enter the library Esdeath takes a look around and finds a few books that seemed out of place, while Gwenro was distracted with explaining as to how he got the collection of books Esdeath takes a closer look at the books and finds them to be Magical tomes written in Orcish. She uickly bags them and follows the party into the next room. As they enter the throne room another familiar face greets them, it’s Niflock the Shaman who had come to ask Gwenro’s aid. Gwenro refuses saying he had told her over and over again that he wasn’t granting any help and she should just disappear from his sight. Ranchester tries intervening as he finds Gwenro’s tone rude, he tries asking Niflock about the reason why she wanted help but she ignores him She begs Gwenro to help her stop or reduce the corruption but he again refuses, Ranchester inquires the source of corruption but is again ignored. Mephisto inquires the source and is informed that it is the shard and Gwenro states that it is impossible to remove or slow the corruption as the shard can’t be located and whoever goes to search for it returns back slightly corrupted and no memory of where he got infected. Ranchester again inquires if he can help and is again replied by silence, enraged he shouts ‘’Are you Deaf Woman’’ to which Niflock replied ‘’ I am not talking to you Construct’’ and returns to begging for Gwenro’s aid. Now even more enraged Ranchester moves to attack Niflock, Esdeath and Mephisto try stopping him but he pushes them away and attacks Niflock the entire party now gang up on Ranchester while Shedward, Danton and Gwenro watch them lash out at each other. Gwenro seemed to have a slight smile every time Esdeath got injured.Ranchester knock Niflock unconscious and is attacked by the rest of the party, feeling cornered he prays to Asmodeus to help him, Asmodeus answers by taking over his body. In one blow Asmodeus causes all those who surround him to fall unconscious and summons their souls into Ranchesters mind, there they view Asmodeus in his glory and Ranchester lounging on a chair being served tea by an imp, only Mephisto and Esdeath see that it is all an illusion. Asmodeus informs the party if they attack his warrior again he may do more than just knock them unconcious. He leaves returning them back into their bodies and granting them back half their health.


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