Wrath of Asmodeus

Let's Kill Orrinhatch

Chapter 1: Crawling through the land

We fast forward to five years after the age of Orrinhatch to a new group of adventurers.
The party comprising of Mephisto Israfen (a travelling half-elf bard), Esdeath Liadon (a hopeful Wood Elf Noble paladin), Zeolite (a revenge longing Dwarf Wizard) & Ranchester Talon (a lost Warforged Barbarian) join forces together at Burning Harbor due to a band of Troglodytes who had attacked a merchant boat as it made its way from Port Hiss to the harbor. They took the help of a Captain who seemed interested in their quest later befriending him and his crew. The captain was Shedward Zard (A wandering Psionic Shardmind) who had just left the side of Orrinhatch to find his true destiny. On their way to place where the merchant was attacked the party learn briefly of Shedward’s past, while on the ship Zeolite searches the decks below and acquires a chalice and a magical ring which he hides in his pack. The party reach the point of interest and find a cavern nearby. The party bravely enters and find it trapped (Ranchester almost dies twice due to the traps) and holding a small band of Orcs and troglodytes which they easily slice through leaving the troglodyte leader for interrogation they learn that they are a part of Orrinhatch’s army sent to create chaos so as to make the various tribes and cities to ask Orrinhatch for help, making him seem like a hero to the masses. They leave the cavern freeing it of its loot and residents. They return back to Burning Harbor returning the merchant his goods (Ranchester pockets a few coins and gives Mephisto some to keep him quite). They retire to an inn well known by Mephisto, there Ranchester finds two new initiates of Asmodeus’s army he gains their trust and asks them to join them in their quest. While in the harbor they visit the local smith and store and acquire necessary items and equipment (Esdeath acquires Silver Fang from Binwin the smith). Mephisto visits the library to translate the scrolls they acquired in the cavern he meets Niflock an elf shaman from a near by tribe she tells him about the shard corrupting the earth and the oracle who has foreseen the destruction it will cause if not stopped. The party on returning to the inn learn about a few shady characters who were in search of Shedward, they learn that the characters consisted of a vampire and two orcs who had headed towards Port Hiss. They set sail to port hiss to learn more about the mysterious company and to thwart their plans.
On route to port hiss the weather turns stormy as the party sees a battle between two titans, a ancient white dragon and an elder blue dragon. The party anchors their ship and view the war of the titans from a safety, the white finally collapses smiling and accepting it’s death, the blue salutes the white and disappears into the storm. Mephisto touches the fallen white and sees a glimpse of his past this contact transfers memories of the ancient into him Ranchester and Mephisto share a flash of a frozen artifact that was guarded by the ancient while only Ranchester hears its whispers. With the storm now calm they head towards Port Hiss.
In port hiss the recruits tired of Ranchester forgetting about them decide to leave his company, Ranchester pursuits them and attacks one of them causing the guards to capture him after a long heated debate the guards start dragging Ranchester to jail only to be stopped by Mephisto who tries to convince them of Ranchester’s innocence the guards and recruits agree to a trial by combat. As the trial begins one of the half-orcs in the crowd starts a betting group while Esdeath and Mephisto bet on Ranchester a mysterious character approaches them who introduces himself as God Slayer (a troubled human ranger). The trial begins and the crowd cheers Ranchester defeats the recruit sealing his innocence as the crowd thins God Slayer congratulates Ranchester and properly introduces himself to the party, overhearing that God Slayer traveled among planes to get help from Gods and Godesses the Half-Orc Captain Approaches them and tells he too has done the same at hat moment Shedward approaches and freezes on seeing the Captain. The captain then introduces himself as Orrinhatch and also introduces Traxex who lands near them after swinging on a rope. The Duo show a glimpse of their power and leave.The party question each other about their motives and learn that a curse has been placed on Shedward by the Pyromaniac.
…to be continued


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